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AFRICAN MALAIKA will inspire students from underrepresented or disadvantage groups to bridge the digital divide in their communities and to challenge their minds through enabling and providing  Science Technology, Math and Literacy empowerment action programme (STEM LEAP)around WNY,Nationwide and around the world by  providing individuals with a computers , books as learning tools to keep up with modern techniques and change  their world and become tomorrows problem solvers .

Within the region of Arusha there is one home for infants and toddlers; however, they do not accept HIV positive babies and are often overflowing. The SOS children's village, located nearby, specializes in school-age children. Presently, infants who are orphaned or abandoned usually stay in a hospital because there is no place to care for them.
In Tanzania ten percent of the adult population is affected by the AIDS virus. Since HIV is accelerated by pregnancy, many women die from AIDS leaving a nursing infant with no one to provide adequate nutrition or care. Without intervention, whether or not the infant is infected with HIV, it would soon die from malnutrition. In Tanzania, there are a few organizations that is responding to the cries of orphaned and abandoned babies.

Established to provide interim care for infants in need, the African Malaika Orphanage creates a safe environment where the babies will receive proper nutrition and medical care, as well as all the love and attention they deserve. Since it responds to those found HIV positive, there will be time.  when a baby dies; however, that infant will feel  loved and secure until its last breath.

AFRICAN MALAIKA INC  Brings  STEM LEAP to connect million minds in Schools , local communities and in Orphanages   around the world